Derby Interact raise £8000


Interact is a network of construction and property business clubs throughout the UK. The Derby network recently raised a very significant £8000 for us at one of their networking luncheons held at Pride Park.

This amount will help us to support a number of young people at risk of and affected by sexual abuse and exploitation.

We work with each young person to support their needs, in their time frame. One size does not fit all; our workers are intuitive, patient and provide an individual approach, carefully assessing the level of risk for the young person at each interaction and offering support. The process is complex and highly skilled and will take as many sessions as needed to enable the young person to reach a place of physical, mental and emotional safety. Working to the timescales and needs of each individual young person means that it costs £1800 to fully support one young person to move to a place of reduced risk and safety.

We are very grateful to Interact Derby and all the members who helped raise this sum for us which will ensure we can support at least four young people from being referred for support through to helping reduce their risk and gain confidence and resilience to move forwards with their lives.