Guidelines for Chairs & Members


The purpose of Interact is to bring together active like-minded eminent members of those involved in the property and construction industry to promote business:

Membership belongs to the individual not his / her business.

When a member leaves a Club, the selection of their replacement is with the Chair (The departing member does not nominate their successor nor can their business replace them with another representative).

If a member moves to another area and is an active senior member of the construction industry they may advise the Chair of the Branch into whose area they have moved. It is entirely the prerogative of the Chair to decide if there is a position available.

The number of members from any one company nationally, if in excess of two, will be monitored to ensure that an unacceptable imbalance does not occur. In the event of companies merging which causes this to be breached, the affected Chair and the President will give consideration to the particular circumstances.

Ideally there should not be more than two members of one discipline or profession in a branch although representation from across the industry is essential to achieve the object of Interact.

It is incumbent upon a member to attend with a guest. Members may bring colleagues as guests if let down belatedly by their guest.

In the event of continuing problems with regular attendance, the member should be approached by the Chair to establish whether that member wishes/is able to continue.

It is the responsibility of the individual members to manage their own details on the website. Thereafter, it is the Chairs’ responsibility to maintain the branch membership details.

The payment of members’ subscriptions by the branch must be paid by 30th June. Failure to comply may result in the loss of your branch membership.

On retirement, membership of Interact shall automatically be terminated unless that member has served as Chair of their branch and can then be voted in as an honorary member.

To ensure continuity and succession, the Chair should appoint a Vice Chair at the beginning of their term.

All Chairmen are obliged to attend the AGM, which will be held during March of the new financial year.